Traditional Slovenian Sweets – Lectovo Srce

Lectovo Srce, or Lect’s Heart is one of the most delicious traditional Slovenian sweets. If you’re looking for a cute gift for your friends, this is the thing to buy. This is more than just a simple pastry. It is a unique combination of sweetness and craft that perfectly represents the Slovenian culture. The art of making these hearts dates back to the 18th century and you can even bake them yourself in some places. Dare to try it? Let’s see how it’s done!

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How to bake Lectovo Srce?

First, bakers make the sweet dough and shape it as a heart. All you need for the dough is rye flour, honey, cinnamon, cloves, a little bit of pepper and salt. After mixing the ingredients, they put their creative mind to work and embroider the most interesting stuff on the cakes. It can be everything from the flowers and animals to human figures. Next, baker take them out of the oven and decorate the ornaments with colored sugar coating. It’s needless to say that the result is incredible. You’re not only eating a delicious cake, but a genuine work of art! Now let’s see where can you indulge yourself with some traditional Slovenian sweets.

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Where Can You Find Heart-Shaped Traditional Slovenian Sweets?

Although baking heart-shaped honey bread was a pretty common craft in the past, nowadays there are only few places where you can taste this authentic delicacy. Even though it is easy to spot them in the cute little shops from the Christmas market, it is an adventure to buy one outside the holiday season.  Therefore, we recommend the following workshops where you have an amazing variety of these pastries.

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Gostilna Lectar

You can visit an entire museum dedicated to heart-shaped honey-bread in Radovljica. At Gostilna Lectar you can also see a demonstration of how to bake this Slovenian honey beauty. The bakers are dressed up like in the 18th century and use the old recipe, so that you can totally immerse yourself in the culture of making Lectovo Srce. Also, if you come with your loved one, you can take a special romantic package 🙂

For the ones that just want to visit the museum, the entrance is 1.50 euros. However, if you stay in their guesthouse, then you can get in for free. Those who are curious to decorate their own honey bread have to pay 10 euros for adults and 8 euros for children, with prior arrangement.

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Perger 1757

This family business from Slovenj Gradec has centuries long of experience in candle making and honey-bread baking. They named themselves a “honey heaven” since they are using all the goodies that bees produce to make unique products. If you’re looking to get something really thoughtful for your friends back home, you have to come here. A delicious souvenir will cost you between 5 and 15 euros. Also, you can find many other things to make your home cozier and get the eternal Christmas spirit in it.

That’s that about one of the best traditional Slovenian sweets. If you tasted this awesomeness, we’re looking forward to your opinions in the comments. Also, don’t forget to mention where you tried it. We’re curious to discover new places 🙂 Dober tek!

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