The event Stone Opens the door is:

- a contemporary culinary interpretation of stonecutting snacks through a genuine experience of the cultural and natural heritage of the Karst,
- selected company of karst caterers and winemakers accompanied by Tomaž Nedoha,
- the winners and finalists of the competition for the production of prototype and project documentation of stone products in the Kamen and Cuisine project for the needs of catering and tourism.


Katja Skok (Gostilna Skok), Ksenija and Martin Mahorčič (Restaurant Mahorčič - Rvndictes), Matjaž Lindič (Apetit), Peter Patajac (Okrepčevalnica Ruj), Simo Komel (Grad Stanjel) and Aleš Širca (Restaurant OK - Okusi Kras) that a simple stonecutting snack in the quarry will become a culinary experience.


Entrance to the culinary experience STONE DOOR OPENING is possible upon payment of consumption on the day of the event, which amounts to 50,00 €.


You can apply at:
Event location and how to get there:

Since the event takes place in the quarry, we recommend location suitable and comfortable footwear. In case of rain, the event will be postponed.

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