Are you interested in how we imagine representing the future of Karst cuisine with us?
Culinary evening in the company of chef Uroš Štefelin and karst winemakers.


In January, when the Restaurant OK - Tastes of Karst moved to the House Krasna in Lokva, our house chefs (Aleš Širca and Martín Coronado Álvarez) began to think about a new culinary challenge as to how the modern Karst cuisine might look like in the future. We managed to attract the top chef and one of the most recognizable Slovenian cooks, Uroš Štefelin from Villa Podvin, who is also known in his restaurant for interweaving local culinary treasures into modern European cuisine.

To make the challenge even more complex, the dishes were merged exclusively with karst wines, both Slovenian and foreign. Under the Gorenjska, Karst and Spanish cooking facilities, a selection of dishes was created, which will be presented in the company of all three chefs and karst winemakers, who will personally present the selected wines.


Guests of the dinner:

Ivo Kobal Vina Kobal / Štanjel
Mateja Kodrič, Winery Širca - Kodrič, Godnje
Boris Lisjak, Household Lisjak, Dutovlje
Josko Rencel, Rencel boutique wines, Dutovlje
Igor Sanabor, Wine Sanabor, Štanjel
Sebastjan Štemberger, Šepulje
David Štok, Wine cellar Štok, Dutovlje,
Tadej Štoka, Vina Štoka, Dutovlje
Ivo Šuc, Domačija Vrabča, Pliskovica,
Emil Tavčar, Wine Tavčar, Kreplje
Matjaž Žerjal, Farm Žerjal, Tomaj,
Mitja Zahar, Zahar Azienda Agricola, Boršt


Cooking team:

Chef Uroš Štefelin, Villa Podvin, Villa Podvin, restaurant & rooms


Chef Aleš Širca, Restaurant OK - Tastes of the Karst
Sežančan Aleša Širco, after training for a cooking profession at the high school of Izola, and then in some apprenticeship experiences in various kitchens, he first started to confectionery. As a self-taught person, and later a specialist at Chef Nasser Gashi's Chef Nurse in La Ganache, ZaniChef is a small precision of recipes, quality ingredients and perfection in procedures. That's why even today desserts in the OK restaurant are renowned for their minimalism and sophistication. Even for personal reasons, his recipes are often prepared with the idea of diabetics, people with ciliac and similar eating habits.
Later, he took over the restaurant at Casino Astraea - the casino salon in Lipica, and in addition to organizational skills and diplomas in the field of optimal exploitation of the individual features of the participants in educational activities, he began to improve his cooking skills as a regular participant in workshops with several Slovenian chefs. The discovery of modern techniques and tastes, and their merging with Karst wines, led to the independent project of the Restaurant OK - Tastes of the Karst.


Chef Martín Coronado Álvarez; Restaurant OK - Tastes of the Karst
Martín Coronado Álvarez began his cooking career as a traveler when he traveled to Latin America for several years. Upon his return to Madrid he completed his studies of cooking techniques at the Basque Culinary Center in San Sebastian. He started his professional career as a chef in several Spanish, Greek and Mexican restaurants, including in La Tasquita de Enfrente (Juanjo López Bedmar) and as a cooking teacher in Kitchen Club and Alambique.
Five years ago he began his own independent journey when he opened the restaurant Verde Oliva Gastroteca - a restaurant with mostly seasonal cuisine in the suburbs of Madrid, Majadahondi. During this time, he completed some sommelier courses, including WSET Level 3. In 2017, he became the third best sommelier in Madrid after the AMS, and today he also works as a teacher of food and wine combining in Escuela Española de Cata and as co-founder of ASUMAD (Madrid Somellier Association).


Price of 5-hour menu with wine tasting: 70EUR.

The number of seats is limited.
Reservations and information: FB: Restaurant OK - Tastes of the Karst, e-mail: [email protected] or tel. No .: +386 40 477 805.

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