In the center of the old town center of Sevnica, on Main Square, you will be able to discover the local flavors of local and regional Posavina cuisine at the "Sevn'ca kitchen on the market" at the opening ceremony of the Sevnica Castle Summer Festival 2019.


The emphasis will be on typical Posavina dishes from locally produced ingredients, prepared in a modern and innovative way.

Posavina wines will also be selected at the trial with the autochthonous Slovenian queen of red wines, a blue franc.


There is no entry fee.


The tasting of wines and food will be provided by buying vouchers on the stand in the event area. The glasses will be available by paying the deposit on the stand in the event area. Upon the return of the undamaged glass, a glass jar will be refunded in full by 22:30 on the day of the event.

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