Osmica  is a form of retail sale of non-bottled wine with geographical origin. Osmico was planted by a vineyard at his home in a place where the wine is kept: in the basement or on a fighter. The farmer was thus able to sell his own crop to the consumer, as the quantities of wine were higher than the average family could use. In addition to the sale of field crops, the initial organization of the eight for wine growers was the only source of earnings. Recently, the rule has been established that one cellar can organize eight times most often twice a year for ten days, as long as it has its own beverage and food. Every authority, from the imperial Austro-Hungarian Empire to our present Slovene, is aware of the encouraging importance of the eighth, by which the vineyard empties the wine vessels and prepares them for the new harvest in sufficient time. Eventually, the possibility of selling the wine-extract of winegrowers was extended to the possibility of selling home-made meat and dairy products, home-baked bread, poticas and cooked štruklji. Today, we meet in the Kras at the intersections and before the entrances to the courtyard or the fencing houses attached branches or bunches of ivy fraske. They invite you to eight and show the right direction.

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