On Friday 26. October is the day you can enjoy cuisine from Radoviljica. The event is constructed in two parts: local farmers' market and opening dinner of the Taste Radol'ca Month of Cuisine.


Local farmer's market is going to be open from 5 pm to 7 pm with the presentation of Taste Radol'ca chefs that will present themselves and their suppliers at the local farmers' market. The market will feature farmers, beekeepers, and producers of other foods from the Municipality of Radovljica and neighboring municipalities. In addition, visitors to the market will also have the chance to try delicious bites of food prepared by the culinary masters of Taste Radol'ca.


The main event Opening Dinner will start at 7 pm in Joštov Hram.  The talented Taste Radol'ca chefs will combine their knowledge and inspiration to prepare a unique 5-course dinner and culinary experience.


Price of the opening dinner:  39.00 €.

You can purchase the tickets for the Opening dinner in Radovljica Tourist Information Centre (Linhartov trg 9, 4240 Radovljica).


Take a look at our video about Radovlica and read our blog post on Taste Radovljica.

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