This spring, a new story begins for Ljubljana's fans of noble drinks and top tastes, since Brina, Ljubljana's festival of gin, is coming to the capital on May 11th. The all-day event, which will take place in the beautiful Switzerland of Tivoli, will bring together genuine dinar gourmets, top chefs, experts in the field of distillation, mixing beverages, culinary and glassware, and of course all lovers and connoisseurs who know that it is a pleasure hiding in a small amount of really good things.

The rich events associated with gin and juniper will begin a week before the festivals in selected Ljubljana cafes, which will include Brin's cocktail, which is only a Slovenian gin, and the event will certainly climb on Saturday, May 11th .

In the afternoon, a workshop will be held in Switzerland, and in the afternoon and evening, they will be dedicated to merging the gin with top jars of Jorga Zupan (Atelje), Jakob Pintar (Tabar) and Igor Jagodica (Restaurant Strelec), and music and a pleasant spring gathering with gin cocktails. These visitors will be able to try from the exclusive Polaris Steklarne Hrastnik exclusive glass jar of 1860, and the exclusive tonic of the festival will be top-notch Fever Tree by eVino.

Entry to the event is free.

Health Minister warns: Excessive drinking of alcohol damages health!

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