From 7th to 9th there is going to be a vivid program celebrating Refošk wine and Slovene Igrad culinary.


Friday  (June 7) - Opening of the 47th Refošk and Slovene Istra day 

17.00: Convention of winemakers member of Sloven Igra and evaluation of wines

18.00: Opening of awarded wine degustation  with culinary good of Istrian Kitchen

19.00: Opening ceremony with the wine Queen Julija Jogan

20.00: Entertainment program


Saturday (June 8) - Refošk wine and culinary 

10.00:  Tournament of "Balinarnje" (traditional Sloven game) and tournament in futsal

11.00: In the local restaurant you can try awarded wine and culinary good of Istrian kitchens

15.00: With bikes on the Refošk day and  local farmer market

16.00: 2nd Viniso day - the ing of sloven winemakers

17.30: 20th Internationa meeting od Sound Orchestras - Slovenija, Croatia, Italia, Austria

20.00: Entertainment program


Sunday (June 9) - County of Refošk in inviting 

9.00: Refošk run round the refosš region

11.00: Awarded wine degustation  with culinary good of Istrian Kitchen

15.00: Walk between Refosk and Istrian gastronomy and the arrival of oldtimers (Adriatic Classic Koper).

16.00: Announcement of the best Refosk and crowing of King Refošk (crowing will be held by members of the Slovenian order of Knights of wine table).

17.00: Traditional procession of farm trains: than and now.

18.00: Traditional meeting of harmonicas on diatonic harmonics (traditional Slovene instrument).


The organizer reserves the right to change the program of the event without prior publication

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