Cheese Farms Around Ljubljana – Top Places to Visit


If you’re in for a rural experience, here’s a list of the cheese farms around Ljubljana. Only half an hour away from the capital of Slovenia and you’re already in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by animals and fresh air. Since Slovenia has a pretty good selection of cheese, it will also be a great trip for your stomach. Usually farms make the cheese out of their own milk production, so you’ll be able to try lots of delicious dairy goodies. Now let’s see what names you have to put in Google Maps.

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Kmetija Malenšek – One of the Best Cheese Farms to Visit Around Ljubljana

Just few kilometers away from Ljubljana, this hidden gem waits for you. Malenšek farm is located in the a nice village called Malenšek. Nestled between green hills, the landscape provides a great setting for growing cattle and producing milk. Moreover, the families that own the farm put a lot of soul into what they’re doing and you can see it when visiting the farms. They feed the animals only with hay and fresh grass. Therefore, the milk is super delicious and so is the cheese they make. In addition to the semi-hard cheese, they also make smoked cheese and experiment with spices to get new types of dairy delicacies.

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Podjed Dairy Farm

This family farm is only half an hour away from Ljubljana and offers the perfect setting for a relaxing experience. Just put Olševek in the GPS and you will find this idyllic area in the beautiful meadows of Gorenjska region. You’ll be able to try here both fresh dairy products, as well as different types of cheese and yogurts. Since the farms holds the prestigious trademark of Selected Quality of Slovenia, you can be sure that you’ll taste finger-licking products. Not only you’ll get your daily dose of calcium, but you can also enjoy stunning views of the surrounding area. A genuine treat for the mind and the stomach 🙂

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Poličarjeva  Kmetija

The farm is located in the beautiful area around Kranj. It is surrounded by forest and there are also some Karst stones. Therefore, the ancestors used what nature gave them to create a self-sustaining household that keeps the legacy till nowadays. So, it’s no surprise that is one of the oldest cheese farms in the area. A day trip here will be enough for your kids to learn how to feed the animals and collect the milk. The family that manages the farm has a lot of work to do around. But, you can see the love and responsibility that they put into it. Also, they have put in place a small museum of millstones. Since the family has a rich history of producing these instruments, they have a lot of heritage to share with the visitors.

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Loška Mlekarna

Nestled in a picturesque area close to Ljubljana, this place takes pride in being one of the oldest cheese farms in Slovenia. The cooperative that this farm is part of has about 100 employees, so it’s pretty big. Also, they have a great variety of cheese products. Curd cheese, Edam, cream cheese, mascarpone and organic cheese are only few of many dairy goodies that you can taste here. Moreover, a curious thing about this farm is that they package all the products either manually or semi-automatic. This means that they have a very homely look and kind of remembers the care packages that grandmas use to make for us.

That’s it about cheese farms around Ljubljana that are really worth visiting. It’s a great chance to taste some delicious  products. Also, you’ll get to spend some time in the middle of the nature. As said, we highly recommend this kind of experiences for families. Rest assured, there are plenty of things that will consume the kids’ energy. That’s a dream come true, right? If you visited other farms around Ljubljana that made their way to your heart, shoot in comments. Dober tek!

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